Error: SQLLite error, insufficient parameters supplied to the command.

Error:  SQLLite error, insufficient parameters supplied to the command.

DescriptionThis error occurs when you failed to provide or supply all the input output parameters to the command text or a stored procedure.

For example:

using (SQLiteCommand cmd = new SQLiteCommand("update usermaster set emailid = @emailid, @phone = @phone where userid = @userid", con))
  cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@emailid", ""));
  cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@userid", 1));

Above command having three input parameters but we are supplying only two @emailid and @userid. During runtime, code will through above error.

Solution: Simple, just add the missing parameter to the command.

cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@phone", 1));

Note: Also remember not to have any extra spaces, that will again throw above error. Avoid,

cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter(" @phone", 1));

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